About Us

Bhansali manufactures one of the most comprehensive lines of coaxial cables available from any single source. Signal transmission in electronic applications and data communications is changing in a dramatic way. Cables now have to accommodate faster signal speeds over longer distance with less signal loss. Additionally, new shielding requirements to meet FCC RF/EMI emission controls, tougher fire/temperature requirements requiring special materials in critical installations and demands for high-density wiring are factors which have been considered in many of our coaxial and data cable products. Our products are designed to meet these needs for safe and reliable transmission of voice, video and data.

Bhansali coaxial cable products are supplied in 50, 75,93,125 and 150 ohms impedance grades for most voice, video and data applications.

Our comprehensive line includes:

  • Standard RG/URM/JSS/JIS type coax for commercial and defence use

  • Triaxial cables-balanced lines for reduced crosstalk

  • MATV and CATV Cables

  • Networking load for LAN, WAN, ETHERNET, ARCNET, NOVELL, LAN D-LINK and other complex applications

  • Dual Coax-workstation for large word processing systems.