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Local Area network systems (LANs) have emerged as a key development as society progresses into the "Information Age". LANs integrate computer and communication technologies to meet the demand for efficient information for data processing, handling, collection and distribution. LANs fulfill their function throughout a local region without using public, telephone, microwave or satellite links. Regardless of LAN topology, cabling is the key element which provides for distribution and communication throughout the network. Coaxial cables of 50 ohms, 75 ohms, 93 ohms and 125 ohms and twisted pair with special impedance characteristics are utilized. They may be used to fulfill the trunk cable distribution and drop cable distribution and drop cable node/ work station attachment. The choice of 50 ohms, 75 ohms, 93 ohms and 125 ohms coaxial cables or twisted pair is made after careful study of system data speed and electrical requirements. Electrical characteristics of concern are characteristic impedance, attenuation, velocity of propagation, and shield effect. The cable you choose to tie together your LAN is the life line of your system. At Bhansali we help you achieve optimum system performance by providing you with LAN cables best suited to your specific applications.

Tinned copper, PE/PP/Foam PE/ Special insulating materials, twisted pair, each pair individually aluminium foil shielded with drain wire. Then overall AI foil shielded and then tinned copper braid shielded and PVC sheathed. All these cables are tailor-made as per customer specifications.

Tinned copper 20 to 28 AWG PVC/PE/Foam PE insulated, twisted pair, laid-up Malinex taped, shielded/ unshielded and then PVC sheathed cables as per customer specifications.